This afternoon, there was a fight at Cardozo High, at 13th and Clifton, apparently caused by dramz some girls were causing after an “incident” that took place off-campus last night. After the fight:

  • 16 were arrested in connection with the fight.
  • 15 students were injured, 5 had to go to the hospital. One student was knocked unconscious.
  • Conflicting reports mentioned “blood everywhere” after fight, or no blood at all. Also, a DCist commenter claimed to hear from someone with in the school that at least one person had been stabbed.

Good lord. I guess most people know how teenage girls can get, but even at my all girls high school, no one ever got in a fight so severe that there were a whopping 16 arrests afterwards. Cardozo High is known as one of the better schools in DC (well it’s all comparative, isn’t it?), so it’s definitely disheartening to hear about this incident. I hope that, as reported, none of the students were seriously injured. I also hope that the students arrested are punished appropriately, as we’ve learned recently, inappropriate juvenile punishment leads to much more trouble later.