Fixing the damage, courtesy of Allison Acosta (Flickr)

Fixing the damage, courtesy of Allison Acosta (Flickr)

I was planning on stopping by for a drink just in case they were open to show my support, but DCist confirms that Solly’s will be open for business tonight. They also have a lot more details about the accident:

There is now a pending arrest for Afework Behrane, the cabbie involved in the crash. He is still receiving treatment at GW Hospital for his injuries.

Behrane was operating the cab with a suspended driver’s license and an expired taxi license. He had picked up a fare across the street from Solly’s and, with the door still open, suddenly accelerated and hit right into the bar.

Those who were injured have suffered from a broken nose, lacerations, and bruises. Some were expected to have broken bones but with an x-ray that proved not to be the case.

I encourage everyone to stop by Solly’s in the next few days to show your support.