Etete, courtesy of Pedro Alcocer

Etete, courtesy of Pedro Alcocer

My first taste of Ethiopian food was at Etete. While I might be quite an eater now (and some may say a bit of a foodie) in college, not so much. I don’t know whether it was of necessity or by choice, but a typical dinner usually included pizza, spaghetti in marinara sauce or maybe a chicken stirfry. I’ve broadened my tastes since then, and when I moved to U street in 2007 I knew I needed to try Ethiopian. Reading that Etete had made it to the WaPo’s dining guide, I chose that as my first foray into the cuisine. It’s totally converted me as an Ethiopian food lover.

What I love is the versatility of the cuisine, how it can be perfect for a meat eater or a vegetarian. How filing it is, and how tasty it is, spicy but not overwhelmingly so. It works on a cold night or on a summer day. And it’s difficult to spend more than $30 on a dinner for two, mostly because the food is so filling.

After going to Etete I’ve tried other Ethiopian in my area (which can be known as little Ethiopia). I still like Etete the most. Maybe it’s because it is a bit sleeker than the other Ethiopian restaurants in the area, maybe it’s because I had a really nice first date there, but I also like the food the most.

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