Who knew the power of this little blog I started a little less than a month ago. On Tuesday, I wrote a post in frustration after being unable to even file for unemployment benefits in DC. On Wednesday, after coming back from a job interview, a DC government employee had commented on my post and asked me to get in touch with them so they could help me out.

I got in touch with him this morning via email. Recently after, I received an email and then a phone call from the director of unemployment compensation with the Department of Employment Services. He apologized for my less-than-positive experience with his department, explained that they’d seen a 85% increase in claims (and called it an explanation, but not an excuse – which I appreciated), and quickly remedied the situation. Within 5 minutes of talking with him, a representative had called me and taken my application for unemployment benefits over the phone.

Sure, it was a very frustrating experience to begin with, but I am impressed with how quickly the situation was remedied once I went to the Internets to complain about it. So, thank you DC Department of Employment Services, for being so quick to fix the problem once it was brought to your attention.