Anguish, courtesy of Matt Doane (Flickr)

Anguish, courtesy of Matt Doane (Flickr)

A break from regularly scheduled programming, my elegy to the Patriots, whom through no fault of their own won’t be making the playoffs.

Well, thanks Brett Favre and the Jets, you ended my team’s season. After an improbable, supposed season-crushing loss of Tom Brady (as well as many, many other key players), and the unbelievable emergence of Matt Cassel, the team managed to go 11-5 against the greatest odds, but we won’t be making the playoffs.

Bill Belichick proved himself as a great coach, able to get an 11-5 season out of a broken team with an unknown quarterback, an unbelievable amount of injuries, and face it, me as a 115-pound girl could tackle better than half of the defense, without any pads on. OK that might have been an overstatement, but that’s often how I felt as I watched 43-year-old defensive backs fall over themselves trying to tackle a running back.

So thank you Patriots, for giving me a great season against all odds. And, um Favre, you’ll get what’s coming to you. Watch your back (and you deplorable Jets fans who were cheering against your team, shame on you).

Note: the original title for this post was “A requiem for the 2009 Patriots” … sorry, not really in a sane state of mind right now.