I have yet to make it to the Gibson, first heard of over at Going out Guru’s blog in WaPo. As many know, it’s a secret, no-standing, speakeasy-type bar with (reportedly) phenomenal cocktails. Making a reservation is definitely at the top of my to-do list when I get back to DC. DCist gives us a great peak into the bar:

A cocktail mixed at the Gibson, courtesy of Fitsum Belay (Flickr)

A cocktail mixed at the Gibson, courtesy of Fitsum Belay (Flickr)

“The space is a good match with its sister establishments, Marvin and the Eighteenth Street Lounge. Brian Miller, the designer who also worked on Marvin, has made lush appointments with intricately embossed black leather and warm unfinished wood on the bar and cozy booths. A patio will open soon in the back, and the back room sports an absinthe fountain. A chalkboard is updated with the list of drinks to give imbibers a quick view of the menu. The joint is a tribute: not to the Gibson cocktail, but to Elsworth Gibson, a much-missed D.C. native, pianist, and Eighteenth Street Lounge house band resident.

The cocktail menu is arranged by primary liquors: vodka/gin, rum/tequila, whiskey/whisky, brandy/other spirits, and bubbles. Wines are also available for those who are not interested in cocktails.”

I’m definitely excited that all of these new places are opening in my ‘hood, but do wish more of the abandoned storefronts were full.