As some might have guessed by my banner on the blog, I’m a devoted Ben’s Chili Bowl fan. I love the food, the atmosphere, and the history of the place. I was one of the most excited to hear that Ben’s had bought the empty retail space next door and was turning it into everyone’s dream, Ben’s with alcohol. If you’ve walked by, you can tell it’s very close to opening, all the furniture is there, even the beer taps are in the bar. Prince of Petworth was able to get a sneak peak into the bar, he says:

The space is very warm and comfortable and a bit more upscale than the original shop next door. Nizam [the co-owner] was sure to explain that “we love Ben’s exactly like it is.” He explained that the new spot is “a chance for the second generation to do something ourselves while paying tribute to Ben’s and keeping Ben’s exactly the way it is.” He also emphasized that Next Door will be a comfortable spot with the same atmosphere as the original Ben’s. “It’s not going to be a trendy place it is going to be about service, friendliness and fun,” said Nizam… While the menu is not finalized, in addition to the traditional Ben’s fare, you’ll likely be able to find wings, nachos, bigger burgers, salads and the possibility of “getting some veggie.s” Nizam explains, “we don’t want to be ‘bougie’ high end, everything at Ben’s is tasty we it to be the same thing here.”

Solid. I’m looking forward to it. It should be open before or a little after the new year.