Insipired Yoga at 12th and U

Insipired Yoga at 12th and U

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for nearly 8 years. I made yoga a regular practice more than two years ago when I was marginally employed and living in the West End area after graduating from college. It was a repetitive, calming process, going to yoga at my local WSC four times a week. It wasn’t though, particularly challenging.

Then I moved to the U street corridor, and almost immediately noticed that there was a yoga studio right near my place. How convenient. Inspired Yoga immediately renewed my interest and devotion to a regular yoga practice. While still offering a calm place to rest my often over-active mind, Inspired instructors challenged my practice to grow and expand beyond what it was. I feel stronger, more present, and happier when I go to yoga classes at Inspired. It might be cliche, but it’s true.

However, even more important than a challenging yoga practice, Inspired Yoga has offered me a sense of community. All of the teachers are friendly and eager to listen; they also have an incredible knack to say exactly what you need to hear. There is a sense of warmth and comfort when I walk into the studio, one I usually only associate with coming home. That’s something special.

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