This is getting ridiculous. Here’s a round up of violence in the area:

I don’t know if there’s much I can say that hasn’t already been said or that won’t come off as terribly cliche. I can say though, that I am disheartened with the level of violence in my neighborhood and the surrounding neighbhorhoods in the past week.

UPDATE: Man, after just writing this DCist links to info on ANOTHER fatal shooting in my neighborhood. This one is about 4 blocks from my apartment. There was a fatal shooting at the skating park at 11th and Q around 3:30 am, so far not much more info. I don’t know how safe I feel in my ‘hood anymore.

UPDATE 2: DCist reports that there have been multiple arrests on the fatal stabbing in Columbia Heights on Friday. Good to know that at least law enforcement seems to be moving quickly to arrest individuals responsible for the attacks.