pumpkin pancake and apple compote

For breakfast: pumpkin pancake and apple compote

A good weekend always includes, at least for me, a good breakfast. This weekend, it was pumpkin pancakes with apple compote and some good coffee.

The pumpkin pancake recipe is from Kim O’Donnel at Mighty Appetite. In the recipe she says that you likely will have to add more liquid to get the pancake batter to the right consistency. And you do, I found myself adding a lot more, definitely more than the quarter cup she recommends.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but whatever pumpkin things I make never really taste like “pumpkin” – probably because I feel like pumpkin isn’t a very strong flavor, but what makes pumpkin “pumpkin-y” is the spices we add and associate with pumpkin pie. So in order to get it to taste more “pumpkin” adding plenty of spices and other flavors to enhance it are necessary. And I think this recipe gets that well.

As for the apple compote, it is very simple and easy to make, and is a really nice addition to the pancake. I made it over the week and had it ready for breakfast this morning, just needed to warm it up before served.

It’s a very late fall kind of breakfast.