Via DCist, who also has more information on the homicide in Columbia Heights yesterday, I learned of a Festivus celebration in Adams Morgan today.

I gotta say, after losing my job yesterday, I’m not really feeling the holiday spirit. Not only can I not afford to buy anyone presents, but after spending some time in Georgetown yesterday with obnoxious college kids and ridiculously rich old people wandering around spending like there was no tomorrow, I wasn’t exactly feeling good about anyone spending a ton of money with the state of the world right now.

Hence, the draw of Festivus. With the airing of grievances (man, I have a lot of grievances to air!), the feats of strength, a stoic display of brawn, and the undecorated, minimalist aluminum pole I’m certainly getting into the Festivus spirit. Consider me a convert.

For your viewing pleasure: Festivus on Youtube.