UPDATE: Man, I gotta say, I’m completely overwhelmed with the amount of support I’ve gotten from friends, family, strangers, and (I guess now former) coworkers in the past few hours. Thank you. I have complete faith with all of this support a new job is on its way. Even if it isn’t, this outpouring of support has given me faith in humanity. Thanks guys!

Well, nothing like getting laid off for the holidays. I learned this morning that I wouldn’t be offered employment with my company in 2009. It has been struggling financially the past 6 months or so, as our clients’ budgets were cut they couldn’t afford to pay us for consulting projects. I knew it was a possibility, but I guess I let myself believe it wouldn’t happen. Wishful thinking, as it were.

Now, I’m an unemployed English  major. With writing experience. Anyone hiring?

In the meantime, expect the number of posts I put up to increase, because other than job searching, working out, catching up on old New Yorkers (which I didn’t have the time to read, because I was busy with, you know, a job), going to yoga classes (I just paid for an unlimited pass, so I might as well), and going on long walks, I don’t got much else to do.