Courtesy Sophistpundit

Courtesy of Sophistpundit

First Stage is a new theater that is currently running its second production, the Violet Hour, which is on its final weekend. It’s in Tyson’s Corner, VA. It’s not exactly metro accessible. That means that, in all practical matters, I’d have never heard of it nor made the effort to get out there.

It happens that a few friends are involved in the production of the theater as well as the acting. Now, I’m no huge fan of theater, in general. I much prefer film, I’m not going to lie. So don’t think that me waxing poetic about this theater and its productions means that it’s just because I have friends involved or that I love theater. I went to see the shows to support them, but even a non-theater lover like me can recognize good art.

The theater just got a (pretty) great review in the Washington Post for its Violet Hour production. It has had raving reviews in DC Theater Scene, the DC Examiner, and Potomac Stages. This theater is doing good things, producing thought-provoking as well as very funny and entertaining productions, and is also in desperate need of a bigger audience. I know in these times, going to see theater isn’t exactly at the top of people’s lists, but if you are a lover of good art, it is well worth your money and time (as well as the difficulty to get out there) to see one of their productions.

The Violet Hour is in its last weekend and tickets can be purchased here. I encourage you to give it a try.