Courtesy of dctourism (Flickr)

Courtesy of dctourism (Flickr)

DCist has the info on the “state” quarter image for DC.

Thank GOD it’s going to be Duke Ellington. He really represents what is great about this city, and I love that he grew up about 3 blocks away from me. He helped to make my neighborhood Black Broadway, and the jazz mecca it is today (don’t you love that even Sala Thai has a night with live jazz?). The other options were Benjamin Banneker (an astronomer, mathematician, and clockmaker) and Fredrick Douglass (a worthy choice, though he didn’t spend most of his life in DC, but rather my hometown of Boston).

Of course, I would have preferred an image that had “Taxation without Representation” but that’s a whole other post.

The quarters are set to be in circulation by January 26.