Courtesy Mr. T in DC (Flickr)

Courtesy of Mr. T in DC (Flickr)

Solly’s is kind of my Cheers on U street. Yes, that old cliche, where everyone knows your name. Or at least, the owner, Solly (John Solomon) knows my name, and most of the bartenders recognize me.

I love Solly’s for everything it is, and everything it isn’t. It’s a relaxed, neighborhood spot, and it doesn’t try to be anything more. It’s where I go to get a $3 PBR and tater tots (yummy tater tots) with someone to have a quiet conversation. It’s my go-to place to watch football on Sunday, and it’s especially nice that they have a NFL sports package so I can watch my Patriots lose play even when they’re not on local cable. The bar doesn’t try too hard, some might call it a dive, but I just see it as more of a relaxed, neighborhood joint.

I like that Solly himself lives a few blocks away, and that I see him all the time in the neighborhood. I like that I see some of the same people there every Sunday for football. I like that the tables have old Sunday comics under the glass. I like that most of the time, when I walk in the door Solly is there to greet me. I like that they have fun events. And I like knowing that the good money I spend on PBR or Guinness, as well as tater tots and Buffalo wings, goes to a local business that I want to stay around.

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