Metrocurean has the dish on newly opened Posto on 14th street.  She describes her recent meal there:

“I had a quick bite at the bar a few nights ago, and though I’m loathe to judge a restaurant in its infancy, the place shows real promise. A dish of creamy polenta topped with tomato sauce and sausage was a standout, and I’ll be back soon to try the wood-fired pizza. Also on the menu: charcuterie and cheese, a selection of pastas, and a handful of meat entrees, including boar chops, which are also calling my name.”

Along with many others in the neighborhood, I’m very excited that Posto is finally open, we’ve been waiting quite a while since Viridian closed in January (which, the few times I’ve been there, I liked all right). I’m excited to have another casual and (hopefully) good restaurant in the area, especially by the good guys behind Tosca, which I can’t afford except for special occasions. Unfortunately, their menu doesn’t seem to be on their website, so I can’t report on that (or the prices) yet, though I might stop by later and see if it’s posted outside.

I usually wait a few weeks after a restaurant has opened to check it out, to let the kitchen and servers work out the kinks. But once I eat there, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts.