Living on U street has made me love the District. After 3 and a half years in the Foggy Bottom/West End area at GW and a degree in English and journalism, I was searching for a job (and failing) and living in a shitty apartment in the West End area, and was pretty done with DC if I didn’t find a job before my lease ended. Then things turned around, I got a great job as a writer/analyst at a small consulting firm in Dupont, and signed a lease on a fabulous apartment off U street, and all of a sudden the city started looking good again.

As I got used to my new neighborhood, I started feeling like a part of a community and for the first time seeing DC as my home. This got me into reading and commenting on the local blogs and I started seriously considering starting my own. Well, a year and a half later here we are. I hope to write about my neighborhood, dc, restaurants, cooking, media and journalism, yoga, bars, movies, art, music, among other things. And we’ll see how this little experiment goes.