The Lincoln Theater, courtesy of Mr. T in DC

This is a wonderful idea. Financially-struggling Lincoln Theater will be screening its first movie in quite some time: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, starting yesterday.

The Lincoln has Landmark Theatres to thank for these screenings (who doesn’t love E Street?). Screenings are at 1, 4 and 7:30 p.m. daily through Jan. 18. There will also be 11 p.m. showtimes on Friday and Wednesday nights.

I’m excited to see a movie in the Lincoln, and hope that this is something they will do on a regular basis.

It’s been a bit over a month since U Wine and Beer reopened following the fire they suffered over the summer. I am finally taking the time to show everyone how nice the upgraded store is. U Wine and Beer’s beer and wine selection keeps on getting better. The owner, Steve, is really great at finding new, interesting, and unusual beers to feature in his store. Hands down, he has the best beer selection in the U street neighborhood.

Best part of the upgraded store, beyond the pretty finishes, is the small selection of food – cheese, crackers, snacks – that U Wine and Beer is now carrying. I love that it’s becoming a one-stop shop for a drink and some nibbles. So glad to see them continue to flourish. Stop on by if you haven’t in a while, don’t forget this gem on U street.

Habitat closing

Too bad to see a local business closing on U Street. Habitat has been on the block for about ten years now. I wasn’t able to find out when they will be closing – but do stop by in the coming weeks to say goodbye.

Update: They will be closing at the end of January.

Courtesy of mag3737

About a year and half ago, rumors started up that a Trader Joe’s might open on U Street. At the time – the big question was, OK – but where? A grocery store of that size needs a space that the U Street area couldn’t appear to accommodate.

Fast forward to now – all of a sudden there are a ton of construction projects that plan to have sizable retail space all over the 14th and U corridor. Now the rumor is starting up again – specifically for the Utopia project that will be coming to the 14th and U corner.

Wonderful news for the hood – we could all use a central grocery store, and who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s. I will keep an eye on development and update when and if something becomes more concrete.

Sam's Pawnbrokers, which is still on 14th street

Thanks to my friends over at DCist for pointing out this great treasure trove of photographs of DC in the 1960s. I found quite a few of the 14th and U area, many showing the aftermath of the 1968 riots. Find a few more below.

7th and T streets

U Street at 14th, maybe?

Northeast corner of 14th and U

courtesy of prettywar-stl

Apologies for being a tad late to this – but yes, the Dunkin Donuts at 14th and U is finally open. I understand they are giving away medium coffees through October 30 – so definitely take advantage while you can!

Metro, courtesy of mlovitt

Just a friendly reminder to y’all that the U Street Metro station, along with Columbia Heights and Shaw, will be closed for this holiday weekend (that no one celebrates except for the Federal government). There will be shuttle buses running, but my suggestion is to either take a bus to where you need to go (like, I don’t know, work Monday morning) or get to an alternate Metro stop (Dupont is the closest) and go from there.

The Lincoln Theater, courtesy of Mr. T in DC

This is just getting to be too much. The Lincoln Theater, on the National Register of Historic Places, is in danger of closing. While perhaps not surprising, given the Lincoln Theater has relied on funds from the DC government to stay alive and hasn’t been profitable, it’s still a blow to the area. Jim Graham and theater leadership have had emergency meetings regarding the theater’s funding and the feasibility of it staying open. Graham announced via Twitter last night that they will hold a meeting announcing the future of the theater today at 1 pm.

Stay tuned folks, we’ll see what happens.

UPDATE: Aaron Morrissey, editor of DCist, is tweeting from the meeting that the Lincoln Theater will close at the end of the year if they don’t received additional funding.

courtesy of prettywar-stl

Continuing in my theme of “they’re almost here” posts in the past week, I’ve heard word that Dunkin’ Donuts will be opening i’s new shop on 14th and U next week. As faithful readers may know, I’m a Massachusetts native and therefore, a big Dunkin’ fan. While we might be bemoaning other chains that are opening on this block, I’m excited for this one. Soon I no longer will have to make the trudge up the hill to get my Dunkin’ fix in Columbia Heights.

DC9, courtesy of rockcreek

When I think DC9, I don’t really think food. But they are upping their game, hiring former Palena and Hook chef Amber Bursik to helm their kitchen. Bursik will be making Southern-inspired bar food that is simple and honest.

She is redoing their menu, introducing some tasty sounding items like 24-hour marinated fried chicken and the Herbert Burger, which is topped with fried green tomato, bacon, and Tabasco aioli. I applaud the mission of  doing classic bar food well – I look forward to trying their new items.


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